Is Pop Music gaining more Popularity

Music is not just what it used to be once upon a time. At least, that is the typical thought of each generation of music listeners. There are so many billions of music lovers out there who love listening to all sorts of music, but is pop music gaining more popularity in the current times? Let’s find out.

A group of researchers made a deep dive analysis by taking at least half a million songs to look for the changes in music trend over the years. The results show that some trends are indeed emerging over the decades. The researchers based their analysis on a Dataset called the Million song dataset; this is a publicly available file that provide some of the background information like name, tempo, and duration of the songs of approximately 50,000 artists. Of the million songs, 464,000 came out between 1955 and 2010 and include data on both the sonic characteristics and the year of release.The Spanish National Research Council in Barcelona examined 3 aspects of those songs: timbre, pitch, and loudness. After peaking in the 60’s, the timbral variety has been steadily declining to the current times. This implies a homogenization of the entire timbral palette, which can point to less diversity in instrumentation and recording techniques. Similarly, the pitch content of music has changed somewhat. The basic pitch vocabulary has not changed though; the same notes and chords that were popular in decades ago are still popular even to this day. However, the syntax has become more restricted. The music artists today seem to be less adventurous in going from one chord to another; they are instead following the same old paths well trod by their predecessors

The pop culture has been growing considerably; there are a lot of talents in the current music scene that are gaining popularity. Though the heavy metal and rock music is doing the rounds everywhere these days, people’s interest to listen to pop music has not declined. Music, like they say, is evergreen; there are a whole lot of people who still listen to music from the 80’s. However, you cannot deny the fact that pop music is evolving. The kind of music that is produced might change; however, the genre will remain evergreen and pop music is here to stay not just for some years, but for more decades.

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